Three Important Considerations Before Your Web Project

Our experience in publishing content and applications on the internet has allowed us to identify three important considerations which will make your project go smoother and your content more effective. Consider the following points before you start your web project:

  1. How will visitors find your content? This is perhaps the most challenging topic to address when considering a new project.  Traffic sources can be search engines, social networking sites, hard-copy promotional materials and links from external sites.  If you are expecting to generate traffic from search engines it is important to plan ahead and consider/research the types of search queries you would like to target. Mortimer Smythe LLC recommends a well rounded web presence including frequently updated content and regular activity through social media.

  2. What should the content do? Page by page consider what function and goals each will serve; i.e. deliver contact information, introduce a new product or service, accept registration requests, etc.  Mortimer Smythe employs a conversion-oriented approach as we work with you in preparing content.  Focusing on goals will make your content more effective.

  3. What should the content look and feel like? Often the first consideration by those new to publishing online publishing should only be addressed after the consideration of where site visitors will come from and what goals or conversions should be ahcieved. A website's look and feel are extremely important; they will make a first impression and help to distinguish your content and/or brand - though should not happen at the expense of other objectives.

Don't worry if you don't know the answers to any of the above, we are glad to help. Drop us a line and let's get started!