Case Studies

Peralta School District

Peralta School District

Challenge  — Faced departing Sheriff's department, formerly tasked with parking permit issuance and enforcement, Peralta School District was left with no immediate solution to manage their parking; resulting in lost revenue required for essential school services.

Outcome — Peralta School District engaged Mortimer Smythe LLC based on our lengthy history delivering tailored parking management solutions to issue student, faculty and staff parking permits as well as a full suite of enforcement software and hardware tools.

Emperor Racing Inc

Emperor Racing Inc

Challenge  — Emperor Racing Inc. utilized a suite of dated technology services, including web property and ecommerce systems - held back by service providers with limited resources.

Outcome — Mortimer Smythe LLC formed a concierge consulting relationship with Emperor Racing Inc., including revitalizing their web property user experience, streamlining their product fitment offerings, and automating numerous customer touchpoints. Further, Mortimer Smythe LLC developed and deployed user traffic generation measures to increase brand awareness amongst potential customers. Finally Mortimer Smythe LLC formulated and enacted advertising campaigns targeting potential Emperor Racing Inc. customers and delivered high performance returns on ad spend (ROAS).


Geotechnical Extreme Events Reconnaissance (GEER)

Challenge  — GEER had amassed a legacy of digitized reconnaissance reports that were stored in a single location without standardized classification criteria. They needed standardized organization and the technology tools to disseminate their wealth of data.

Outcome — Mortimer Smythe LLC consulted with a designated GEER task force to develop a standardized method for classifying GEER reports. We then developed a data model to house the reports and their associated assets. Next was a user interface comprised of tabular and map data displays as well as comprehensive search and filter tools to quickly access the GEER report in question. Everything was powered by a back-end dashboard which grants GEER staff complete management control over their report inventory.

The Lapham Company

The Lapham Company

Challenge — The Lapham Company, one of the Bay Areas largest property management organizations, had a lackluster relationship with their technology consultants.  The backlog of ill advised and uncompleted projects was causing sever delays in their day-to-day operations.

Outcome — Mortimer Smythe consulted with The Lapham Company, diagnosed and corrected their tech ailments, and continues to advise on their increasing technology enabled business practices.

Learning From Earthquakes

Learning From Earthquakes

Challenge — The Earthquake Engineering Research Institute needed to deploy data collection tools and procedures within hours after a major earthquake. The collected data needed to be organized, searchable and presentable to the public through an easily deployed web presence.

Outcome — Mortimer Smythe developed a clearinghouse deployment system allowing non-technical staff to deploy databases, mobile apps, ArcGIS data maps and data submission tools within a few clicks using a cloud dashboard. The solution contains a searchable database of all reconnaissance assets associated with any particular earthquake. The database is connected to the third party API for the Fulcrum data collection app.



Shot by Shot

Challenge — The CA department of Public Health was battling a rise in anti-vaccination popularity, placing the health of many at risk of serious disease and illness. They had collected the printed and video of real-life stories from families who experienced preventable tragedy endorsing vaccination.

Outcome — Mortimer Smythe developed a standardized collection of classifications to prepare a data model categorizing the stories within a searchable database. Those stories were then distributed to educators and health care professionals for sharing subsequently illustrating the importance of vaccinations. To monitor the effective reach of their efforts, we developed an automated follow-up survey system, which allowed users of the stories to report back to the CADPH regarding their use.

Clark County URM

Clark County, NV Unreinforced Masonry Survey

Challenge — The Clark County, NV Department of Building and Fire Prevention, Engineering Services needed to survey the inventory of their unreinforced masonry structures throughout the county. This entailed physical building inspections across a wide range of remote desert to urban landscapes. They needed a better solution for the collection and storage of this data.

Outcome — Mortimer Smythe proposed the development of a central cloud hosted database containing all their buildings and associated surveys, which could integrate with a mobile data collection tool. The database featured an administrative user interface for bulk uploads, bulk downloads, building survey assignment, user (surveyor) management and more. Mortimer Smythe continues to support the survey operations of Clark County through regular features and security updates to their cloud database.

Clark County URM App

Clark County, NV Unreinforced Masonry Survey App

Challenge — The Clark County, NV Department of Building and Fire Prevention, Engineering Services needed to survey the inventory of their unreinforced masonry structures throughout the county. This entailed physical building inspections across a wide range of remote desert to urban landscapes using paper surveys. The paper surveys were later entered into an Excel spreadsheet. They needed a better solution for the collection and storage of this data.

Outcome — Mortimer Smythe proposed the development of a field survey mobile app that communicates with their cloud-hosted database. This enabled the field surveyors to receive assignments, get directions to the building location, and complete and submit their survey while online or offline (out of data connection). Mortimer Smythe continues to support their operations with regular app updates.

EERI Member Portal

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) Membership Portal

Challenge — The Earthquake Engineering Membership Institute needed smarter ways to interact with their membership online, demonstrating value of membership within the Institute and easing the burden from staff-member interactions.

Outcome — The Mortimer Smythe team consulted with EERI extensively to determine many avenues in which we could enrich the membership experience including Mortimer Smythe proprietary developed knowledge center, an online member directory and an online membership management interface. Furthermore, we realized staff workload reduction by granting members the ability to manage their contact information (i.e. their profile) as well as many other membership preferences. Thus was born the Mortimer Smythe proprietary EERI Member Portal, which continues to grow in features and functionality.


11th National Conference on Earthquake Engineering

Challenge — The 11th National Conference on Earthquake Engineering needed a web presence, event registration portal, student competition registration, sponsorship and exhibitor payment and invoicing system and finally a Program Management tool to communicate the over 800 presenters.

Outcome — Mortimer Smythe LLC relied on our extensive experience with event management software and tools and developed a comprehensive proprietary solution to meet the needs of the event. Some core features of our software solution included an interactive booth map for exhibitor signup and booth selection as well as integration with a third party peer review software to accommodate the import of all speakers, synopsis and bios into our event management solution.



Challenge — BART needed an intelligent solution to manage their reserved parking program. This included an interface for the public to create accounts, make reservations, manage profiles and setup recurring (subscription) billing.

Outcome — Mortimer Smythe LLC proposed a cloud-hosted, multifaceted solution serving BART riders, Police, Executives and Call Center support. Because of the large volumes of potentially sensitive data required for a BART parking solution to operate in the cloud, and the history of online attacks against BART, Mortimer Smythe LLC implemented a no-touch policy for sensitive data. Not handling any sensitive data through this software alleviates security concerns related to potential data exposure.